Set in the depths of an ancient Jungle, an unknown Indigenous tribe faces a perilous future after scraping a win in a battle against one of the most fearsome and powerful tribes known as the "Goitaca", also referred to as the "Skilled Shark Hunters."


Knowing that one day the Goitaca of whom had escaped the unknown tribe's spears, would soon return to take revenge on their fallen kin, Shaman Bacuara calls a meeting of the tribe's leaders.


It is decided that the tribe are to migrate, leaving their beloved homelands to move closer to the Jungle's waters and ask for protection from Iara, an ancient spirit known as the Mother of the Water, of whom possesses a mystical chant that has the ability to seduce and ensnare the most fearsome of warriors to their deaths if she so wishes, the Goitaca's being the only clan of whom are immune to her bewitching spell.


The unknown Tribe make an offering to her in return for her protection, to live peacefully in their new lands.


We then follow the story of the protagonist, Candea as he grows up through life. As the years go by, warriors of the unknown tribe begin to fall victim to the chant and bloodlust of Iara.


Shaman Bacuara's mind grows curious about his offering to Iara, as it had not resulted in the effect he had envisioned and embarks on an interdimensional journey into the truth about the warrior Candea.


The secrets of his origin, however, are but the surface of a far deeper truth, connecting to realms far beyond the names and faces of his ancestors.



...set and costumes all made from recycled and organic materials (rubbish) that was collected from streets, beaches and jungle, supporting life on Earth.

Going back in time, in 1996, I was a teenager moving towards my own creative journey. I was alone in my small city, on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, sitting on the edge of a cliff, looking down into the jungle. Somehow, the energy of my surroundings gave me the inspiration to write a theatre show about indigenous culture and their beliefs. So, I did and it was my first beautiful experience supporting indigenous culture.


Without any government funding, I created my own set and costumes from recycled material (rubbish) that I collected from the streets of my neighbourhood. I involved the local community, creating a workforce more powerful than any funding I could think of, using whatever we could, to make it possible. At the end we won a Brazilian State award “1998 Sao Paulo Cultural Map” for the best amateur theatre show in Campinas region, competing against university shows.  

Many years passed by, I travelled the world working and then found myself, once again in 2010 back in the jungle in Brazil alone. I felt a strong connection with the jungle and this inspired and pushed me to come up with the script for Goitaca.


I involved the local community together with a mix of some very well known actors, a great crew, and some beginners. I made the art accessible for all, with the power of love towards art, and shot the entire film working with more than 100 crew, actors and extras, who were willing to work on an independent budget and together we created a set and costumes from recycled and organic materials collected from streets, beaches and jungle, supporting life on Earth


 ... peace and harmonious existence are possible, once it has been found within oneself.

As we follow the protagonist Marlon Blue (Candea) as he goes through untold, supernatural and sacred jungle experiences on a wild journey of mystic encounters and perilous escapades which shape the directions of the tribes decisions and futures, we are introduced to a star-spangled cast inclusive of the star of the Academy Award-nominated film “City of God” Leandro Firmino (little Ze) who plays an indigenous tribal leader alongside Marlon Blue.


For the Brazilians soap opera addicts, the project also presents in the cast, the soap legend Lady Francisco, Brazilian Actor Icon, Luciano Szafir and actress Christine Oliveira (Chocolat with Johnny Depp, Carla Mitchell from Eastenders), Maximo Bossimo as Chief Catu, Helder Cardozo as Shaman Abeguar, Betto Marque, Olivia Harriet, Daniel Bauerfeldt, Joao Alberto Tchian, Marcos Accogli, Pedro Malta, Dionisio Correa, Fernanda Magnani, Danillo Sales, Evelyn Mayrink, Lucas Jordan, Victor Vasconcelos, Diogo Salles, Yago Brasil, Arthur Benatti Teixeira, Victoria Vasconcelos, Bradley Rodgers and Bruna Barbosa.


With the hard work, dedication, inspiration and unparalleled visions of Director and creator of the project Rodrigo Rodrigues, together with the actors, crew and of course the help and guidance from the, “Spirits of the Jungle”, Goitaca is a visually stunning and beautiful experience for the public, intertwined with a deeper message.


A message to connect and resonate to the inner spiritual journey of the characters, as they endure their trials and tribulations to overcome the chaotic and violent life they once created, and understand that peace and harmonious existence are possible, once it has been found within oneself.