Upcoming Event in London

Q&A Press conference open to the general public

Location Kingston University

Address Kingston University, Penrhyn Rd Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT12EE

Date November 17th (Saturday)

Time 11 am to 13 pm

Free entrance at http://www.focusbrasil.org/inscricao-uk/

Come and meet some of the actors and crew of the film Goitaca, including the presence of the protagonist Marlon Blue. The actress Christianne Oliveira (film Chocolat with Johnny Depp and Carla Mitchell from Eastenders) also will be in attendance. As will be the Director of the film, Rodrigo Rodrigues.


Goitaca is a tale, which thins the veil between the world we once knew and the world only few have ever made contact with. 




Upcoming Indigenous Drama 'Goitaca' Enters Last Stages Of Post-Production


With Leandro Firmino visiting London last week to promote his upcoming movie, the studio announced its entry into post-production whilst shooting a promotional bonus clip in the heart of London at a cast reunion with the 'City of God' Star.

Shot in the depths of the Brazilian Jungle, Rodrigo Rodrigues Studios announced 'Goitaca's entry into the last stages of post-production and Now the production invite you to attend the first Q&A Press conference open to general public.